Professional Environmental Services

Why Choose CFB Environmental?

Expert Collaboration: Our team of environmental scientists are subject matter experts that work in collaboration with engineers, surveyors, and designers to assist our clients in realizing their project’s vision while maintaining a balance between the built and natural environment.

Navigating Regulations: We leverage innovation, decades of experience with the regulatory process, local knowledge, and expertise, to deliver successful projects.

Sustainable Solutions: CFB’s Environmental Sciences division provides solutions to businesses, municipalities, and organizations focused on preserving and enhancing the natural environment via innovative and sustainable site planning.

Our science-driven approach guides us in site planning, land development, permitting, ecological restoration, water quality enhancement, and infrastructure improvement endeavors. This approach guarantees the delivery of high-caliber, sustainable projects that align closely with our clients’ objectives.

CFB's Environmental Sciences team possesses expertise in a wide range of ecological studies and assessments, including:

  • Site Development Services
  • Permitting & Regulatory Compliance
  • Environmental Planning
  • Phase 1 Assessments
  • Arborist Services
  • Wetland Delineation & UMAM Analysis
  • Mitigation Banking
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys*
  • Section 7 Consultation
  • Essential Fish Habitat Assessments
  • SAV & Benthic Habitat Surveys & Assessments
  • Gopher Tortoise Relocations
  • Stream Condition Index Assessments
  • Coastal Resiliency
  • Nature-Based Solutions
  • Lake Water Quality Management Plans (WQMP)
  • Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration
  • Seagrass Restoration
  • Water Quality Restoration

* Threatened & endangered species surveys include Gopher Tortoise, Audubon’s Crested Caracara, American Oystercatcher, Florida Burrowing Owl, Florida scrub jay, American Kestrel, State Wading Birds, Wood Stork CFA, Eastern Indigo Snake, Sand Skink, and Bluetail Mole Skink.

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Experience the difference that decades of expertise, a broad skill set, and a client-focused approach can make in your next project.

Our Environmental Sciences Team

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Environmental Scientist II

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Environmental Scientist I