Citrus County Landfill Phase 4A Expansion Project

Client Overview

CFB’s client, T&K Construction LLC, from Vinemont, Alabama, has undertaken the ambitious task of expanding the Citrus County Landfill located on State Road 44, west of Inverness, Florida. The project, labeled as the Phase 4A Expansion, aims to add a new cell to the landfill, covering approximately 19.5 acres. Project Managers envision completing the project in two phases, with substantial completion expected by January 2025 and final completion scheduled for March of the same year.

Citrus County, Florida
19.5 acres
Project Type:

Project Scope and Tasks

CFB Surveying, has been enlisted to provide comprehensive surveying services for the Phase 4A Expansion Project. Our teams responsibilities encompass various crucial tasks essential for the successful execution of the project:

Pre-construction Topographic Survey

CFB Surveying initiated the project by conducting a pre-construction topographic survey. Leveraging our Geospatial teams technology, including the Harris UAV equipped with the Reigl LIDAR sensor, we mapped the existing conditions of the site. This survey served as a baseline to verify quantities and compare them to the planned surface before commencing construction.

Site Control Establishment

CFB Surveying established precise site control points crucial for accurate construction execution. These control points provide essential reference markers for the contractor and ensure alignment with project specifications.

Construction Staking

While the contractor is primarily responsible for construction staking, CFB Surveying assists by staking certain features as required. Our expertise ensures that critical elements of the project are accurately positioned, contributing to seamless construction progress.

As-built Information Collection

Throughout the construction process, CFB Surveying diligently collects as-built information, documenting the actual conditions and deviations from the original plans. This data is crucial for verifying layer thicknesses of confinement layers placed at specific elevations for the landfill cell liner.

Continuous Data Transmission

CFB Surveying maintains a streamlined communication channel with the project engineer, continuously transmitting collected data for verification and approvals. This proactive approach ensures that the project stays on track and any discrepancies are promptly addressed.

Project Procurement Strategy

CFB Surveying pursued the project by rigorously evaluating contractor qualifications and researching potential candidates identified through the Demandstar service. In a proactive move, we submitted unsolicited proposals to seven qualified plan holders, offering consistent pricing to each. Additionally, adherence to the project’s general specifications necessitated the involvement of a Florida licensed Professional Surveyor & Mapper for deliverables, a requirement expertly fulfilled by CFB Surveying.

Impact and Future Prospects

The Citrus County Landfill Phase 4A Expansion Project represents a significant undertaking for both T&K Construction LLC and CFB Surveying. Beyond its immediate scope, the project holds the potential to diversify CFB Surveying’s service portfolio. Landfill projects, characterized by their continuous operation irrespective of regional economic conditions, offer a stable avenue for growth and expansion.

The collaboration between T&K Construction LLC and our CFB Surveying teams for this project exemplifies strategic planning, meticulous execution, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. As the project progresses towards its completion, it stands as a testament to the expertise and dedication of all parties involved, poised to leave a lasting impact on the local community and environment.

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