Professional Civil Engineering and Consulting Services

Why Choose CFB Engineering?

Our Experience: CFB specializes in designing large-scale communities, shopping centers, and industrial parks across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. With 37 years in operation, we’ve been vital to Central Florida’s growth, and recognized as a top firm in the state. Our core civil engineering services include site planning, utilities, stormwater management, construction administration, master planning, residential projects, roadway construction, and amenities development.

Our Horsepower:  Fueled by a dedicated and highly skilled team, our experts are at the core of our operations. We are a qualified and capable entity due in part to our decades of experience and a committed engineering team consisting of more than 90 professionals.

Our Approach: Commitment to excellence, responsiveness, and client satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. We excel in managing construction and development projects by carefully addressing environmental, legal, and topographical challenges. At the core of our project management is the meticulous definition of project scope, transparent communication, and steadfast delivery of value.

CFB’s Civil Engineering team is adept at tackling projects of diverse complexities. From conceptualization to execution, the team excels in designing and implementing intricate systems, while also offering comprehensive support and maintenance.

CFB's proficiency extends across a range of civil engineering skills and methods, including:

Master Planning

  • Commercial Master Planning
  • Residential Master Planning
  • Stormwater Master Planning
  • Sanitary Sewer Master Planning
  • Lot Design
  • Road Design
  • Mass Grading
  • Community Development District (CDD) Engineering Services

Site Plans

  • Non-Residential Site Plans
  • Commercial Site Plans
  • Residential Site Plans
  • Golf Course Site Plans
  • Land Development Plans
  • Site Analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Conceptual Plans
  • Site Grading
  • Earthwork Balancing
  • Industrial Park Design
  • Large-Scale Mixed-Use Development
  • Bid Documents
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Permitting


  • Utility master planning
  • Water, Consumptive use permitting
  • Potable water system creation

Design, Permitting, and Construction Administration for:

  • Potable water transmission and distribution system
  • Wastewater collection system
  • Wastewater pumping station
  • Force main system
  • Reclaimed water pump station, disposal, transmission, and distribution system
  • Stormwater transfer system
  • Stormwater transfer pump stations
  • Bleed downs and level transducers
  • Irrigation pump station design, transmission, and distribution system


  • Stormwater Management System Design
  • State and Local stormwater permitting
  • Regulatory Compliance resolution
  • Stormwater Studies
  • National Flood Insurance Studies and property coordination
  • Stormwater due diligence


Permitting and Construction Plans for:

  • Residential Subdivision Design
  • Roadway Design
  • Signage and Striping plans
  • Pedestrian, Shared Use, and Multimodal Path Plans
  • Utility and Wire Utility Layouts
  • Construction Administration

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Experience the difference that decades of expertise, a broad skill set, and a client-focused approach can make in your next project.

Our Civil Engineering Team

The CFB civil engineering team consists of:

  • Professional Engineers
  • Administrative Assistants
  • CAD Technicians
  • Engineers in Training

Woodrow “Lee” Clymer, P.E.


Stephen Campbell, P.E.

Site Plans

Bruce Balsinde, P.E.


Ron Ferris, P.E.


Mike Todd, P.E.

Construction Admin

Parker Verkaik, P.E.

Master Plans

Brandon Kendall


Mike Thome

CAD Manager

Karen Morrison

Project Coordinator

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