Florida Horse Park

Client Overview

The Florida Horse Park (FHP) is a 500-acre premier equestrian facility located on state-owned land between CR 475 and CR 475A in Marion County. This multipurpose expansive site serves as a hub for a variety of events year-round, primarily focusing on equestrian, agricultural, educational, seasonal festivities, and sporting events.

11008 S Hwy 475, Ocala, FL 34480
500 Acres
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Client Needs

CFB Surveying has been a longstanding partner of the Florida Horse Park, providing essential support in various civil engineering and surveying endeavors over the years. Currently, the FHP is embarking on a significant endeavor – the update of its master plan. This comprehensive update aims to envision the full buildout scenario for the park, a process anticipated to unfold over several years.

Project Scope

CFB Surveying’s involvement in the modernization of the Florida Horse Park’s master plan is multifaceted. Our team is tasked with conducting detailed surveys and assessments, including a comprehensive topo survey of a sprawling 115-acre section of the park, to inform the development of a comprehensive plan that aligns with the park’s long-term vision and goals.


Utilizing advanced surveying techniques and technology, CFB Surveying is meticulously mapping out the existing site features and infrastructure of the Florida Horse Park. Our geospatial department has deployed LiDAR drone technology to capture precise data, ensuring an accurate representation of the terrain.

In addition to data acquisition, our team is collaborating closely with stakeholders from the Florida Horse Park to gather insights into current and future needs. This collaborative approach ensures that the updated master plan not only addresses existing challenges but also anticipates and accommodates future growth and development.


The partnership between CFB Surveying and the Florida Horse Park has yielded significant progress towards the modernization of the park’s master plan. By leveraging our expertise and professional crews, we have provided the FHP with a comprehensive understanding of its existing assets and opportunities for enhancement.

Looking ahead, the updated master plan will serve as a blueprint for the future development and expansion of the Florida Horse Park. While the full buildout scenario may span several years, CFB Surveying remains committed to supporting the FHP every step of the way, ensuring the realization of its vision for a world-class equestrian facility.

The collaboration between CFB Surveying and the Florida Horse Park exemplifies the power of strategic partnership and innovative solutions in driving forward impactful projects.