Mapping-GIS | Services at Clymer Farner Barley in Wildwood, Florida


CLYMER FARNER BARLEY, Inc. (CFB) utilizes the master-planning expertise of the firm and a collaborative approach to maximize development opportunities for our clients. The team’s expertise in utilizing AutoCad, GIS and Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau offers our clients multiple ways to have data presented to make streamlined and efficient decisions and presentations.

CFB’s Mapping Department is integral in the creation, coordination and maintenance of project schedules and mapping for projects from large scale community planning to single site commercial projects.

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Our team provides custom mapping services and specialty drawings to fit our clients’ specific needs including:

  • Schedule development and tracking
  • Custom project mapping and presentations
  • Community Development District creation and support
  • Deployment of a standardized address system that integrates multiple county businesses including E911, coordinates with the United States Postal Service and development of zip codes
  • Implementation of organization-wide design and specification criteria
  • Creation of marketing materials including specialized maps and sales packages
  • Providing statistics to understand historical data and make informed decisions on future projects
  • Maintain working relationships with local and state agencies

CFB’s GIS Department provides state-of-the-art mapping and services. Examples of the geographic data maintained includes:

  • Constraints maps for due diligence and planning tools
  • Drainage studies
  • Travel time scenarios
  • Population density studies
  • Soil evaluation studies
  • Cost repositories
  • Maintain an in-house library of local land use data and statistical information
  • Providing detailed information for comprehensive plan amendments, rezonings and annexations.

Our team of in-house programmers and data analysts are experienced with Tableau, a customizable data visualization tool that allows CFB to produce detailed analytics for our clients to see real-time data in an easy to read format. Examples include:

  • Overall project maps with real-time scheduling visualization
  • Detailed specific charts, graphs and analytics to aide with project development and tracking
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Customized data for each client