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CLYMER FARNER BARLEY, Inc. (CFB) proudly serves Tampa, Florida, with an extensive range of civil engineering services. We excel in the development of large-scale master-planned communities, regional commercial shopping centers, industrial park designs, single-tract projects, and all project types in between. With precision and expertise, our engineers and CAD technicians carry the project forward after layout approval, finalizing every detail for permitting and construction documentation.

As a turnkey solution, CFB assembles a team of consulting professionals to handle areas beyond our services, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective process for your project. At every step, our knowledgeable construction department guides you from project inception to final completion, delivering exceptional outcomes that surpass your aspirations. Whether as an agency representative or providing specialized services, our focus remains on exceeding client expectations. We take pride in tailoring our services to meet your unique needs and optimizing the value invested in bringing your visions to life. When you partner with CFB in Tampa, Florida, you’re partnering with a team committed to excellence in civil engineering services, providing you with a smooth, successful, and rewarding development journey.

Trust CFB for your next project and experience the difference our dedication and expertise can make.

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CFB’s years of expertise have led the firm to being named a primary team member of a very specialized group of consultants that has created and financed over 16 Community Development Districts and Tax Improvement Districts in Florida and Alabama.


Engineering services include:

  • Large-Scale Mixed-Use Development: Our team specializes in designing and managing large-scale mixed-use developments, creating integrated spaces that combine residential, commercial, and recreational areas in Tampa, Florida.
  • Planning, Mapping, and GIS: We provide comprehensive planning, mapping, and GIS solutions utilizing advanced technology to manage data effectively and support various projects in Tampa, Florida.
  • Residential Subdivision Design: Our expertise lies in crafting well-designed residential subdivisions that offer comfortable living and convenience for residents in Tampa, Florida.
  • Grading and Earthwork Balancing: Count on our skilled engineers for optimizing land grading and earthwork balancing, ensuring smooth site preparation and soil stabilization for construction projects in Tampa, Florida.
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Design: We design efficient water and wastewater treatment plants, emphasizing sustainability and environmental compliance for Tampa, Florida’s needs.
  • Potable Water Distribution Systems: Our focus is on designing reliable potable water distribution systems that supply water efficiently to residential, commercial, and industrial areas in Tampa, Florida.
  • Irrigation System Planning, Design, and Distribution: We offer irrigation system solutions that conserve water while maintaining lush landscapes in Tampa, Florida, with efficient planning and design.
  • Wastewater Collection Systems: Trust us for designing wastewater collection systems that adhere to Tampa, Florida’s regulations, ensuring proper and hygienic disposal.
  • Reclaimed Water Distribution and Disposal Systems: We create reclaimed water distribution and disposal systems to promote sustainable water usage in Tampa, Florida, reducing environmental impact.
  • Stormwater Management Systems: Our stormwater management systems protect Tampa, Florida, from floods and erosion, providing effective drainage solutions for properties and the environment.
  • Permitting, Scheduling, and Estimating: We efficiently handle permitting, scheduling, and estimating tasks to ensure projects in Tampa, Florida, are well-organized and delivered on time and within budget.


Professional construction administration services include the following:

  • Contractor Bid Packages: We prepare comprehensive bid packages to ensure clear communication between contractors and clients during the bidding process in Tampa, Florida.
  • Construction Contract Documents: Our team creates detailed and legally binding construction contract documents, defining project scope and responsibilities for projects in Tampa, Florida.
  • Quantity Takeoffs and Cost Estimates: Rely on our accurate quantity takeoffs and cost estimates to plan and budget construction projects effectively in Tampa, Florida.
  • Contractor Payment Applications and Change Order Requests Review: We manage contractor payment applications and review change order requests to facilitate smooth transactions in Tampa, Florida.
  • Construction Coordination Meetings: Our experts conduct construction coordination meetings to enhance collaboration and address project progress in Tampa, Florida.
  • Shop Drawings and Submittals Approval: We meticulously review shop drawings and submittals to ensure compliance with project requirements in Tampa, Florida.
  • Construction Site Observations: We conduct regular site observations to monitor construction progress and adherence to quality standards in Tampa, Florida.
  • System Testing Attendance: Our team attends system testing to verify proper functionality and performance in Tampa, Florida.
  • Project Completion Punch Lists: We provide detailed punch lists to ensure all project elements meet quality standards before completion in Tampa, Florida.
  • Record Drawings: We maintain accurate record drawings to document the final condition of completed projects in Tampa, Florida.
  • Review As-Builts and Test Reports: Our experts review as-builts and test reports to validate the successful implementation of design specifications in Tampa, Florida.
  • Final Certifications to Regulatory Agencies: We assist with final certifications to regulatory agencies, ensuring projects comply with applicable regulations in Tampa, Florida.
  • Permit Transfers to O&M Entities: Our team manages permit transfers to operations and maintenance entities for seamless project handover in Tampa, Florida.
  • Construction Cost Certifications for Performance and Maintenance Bonds: We provide accurate construction cost certifications for performance and maintenance bonds in Tampa, Florida.
  • NPDES Permitting: Count on us for efficient NPDES permitting, ensuring projects meet environmental standards in Tampa, Florida.