Averitt Express Service Center

Project Overview

The Averitt Express service center project emerged as an innovative solution within the established framework of the 15-acre Ocala Commerce Park development, a $25 million development located north of US-27 and I-75.  Averitt Express, an international transportation and logistics company, filled the last slot in the Commerce Park.

Spearheaded by Clymer Farner Barley, Inc (Farner Barley & Associates at the time), the Ocala Commerce Park project saw significant progress in the 2010s, particularly in roadways, utilities, and stormwater management system development. Lee Clymer, P.E. (currently CFB’s President) played a pivotal role in finalizing the chapter 163 developers’ agreement with the City of Ocala, ensuring adherence to development regulations within the Commerce Park.

Ocala Commerce Park , Marion County, Florida
20,600 SqFt
Project Type:

Challenges and Solutions

Initially, the Averitt Express site was not part of the original plan for the Commerce Park. However, leveraging Lee Clymer’s insight, developers seized the opportunity to repurpose excess construction material. Through collaboration with Deevo Engineering, a geotechnical firm, an innovative solution was devised. A large underdrain was designed, enabling the placement of over 30 feet of fill in certain areas, thus creating a new parcel for the Averitt Express service center.

Furthermore, Lee Clymer orchestrated the integration of essential utilities—stormwater, potable water, and sewer—already stubbed to the site, streamlining the connection process for future development.

Project Details

The Averitt Express service center comprises an initial 20,600 square foot warehouse building, strategically designed for potential expansion to 36,000 square feet in the future. The layout also includes over 100 tractor-trailer parking spots and more than 50 employee parking spots, ensuring operational efficiency and convenience.

Key Stakeholders

Client: DF Chase, a design-build firm from Tennessee specializing in trucking distribution centers

Engineering Firm: Clymer Farner Barley, Inc. (formerly Farner Barley & Associates)

Geotechnical Firm: Deevo Engineering

Local Authority: City of Ocala


Thanks to strategic foresight and collaborative efforts, the Averitt Express service center stands as a testament to innovative problem-solving within the realm of commercial development. By repurposing excess construction material and integrating essential utilities, the project not only maximized resource efficiency but also facilitated seamless operations for future expansion.

The Averitt Express service center exemplifies the successful execution of a visionary development project within the Ocala Commerce Park. Through proactive planning, creative problem-solving, and strategic collaboration, the project set a high standard for future endeavors within the region’s commercial landscape.