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Civil Engineering Service in Ocala

CLYMER FARNER BARLEY, Inc. (CFB) stands proudly as a beacon of top-tier civil engineering services in Ocala, Florida. Our prowess extends beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing the development of sprawling master-planned communities, dynamic commercial hubs, innovative industrial parks, and intimate single-tract projects. Our engineers and CAD virtuosos craft each project with meticulous precision, seamlessly transitioning from layout approval to constructing intricate permitting and documentation. We’re more than just a service provider; we’re a comprehensive solution. CFB assembles a specialized team of consulting professionals to ensure a holistic approach to your project, fostering efficiency and cost-effectiveness at every juncture. Guided by our proficient construction department, your journey with us extends from inception to the triumphant completion of your vision. Our commitment to transcending expectations holds strong, be it in our role as agency representatives or in delivering bespoke services tailored to your project’s needs. The value you invest in your aspirations finds its zenith with CFB in Ocala. As the bedrock of your endeavor, our expertise is dedicated to your success. Partner with us and unlock the transformative potential of Ocala. With CFB, you’re not just a client; you’re a visionary, and we’re here to actualize your dreams through unparalleled civil engineering prowess.

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CFB’s years of expertise have led the firm to being named a primary team member of a very specialized group of consultants that has created and financed over 16 Community Development Districts and Tax Improvement Districts in Florida and Alabama.


Engineering services include:

  • Elevating Ocala’s Landscape: Unveiling Unique Engineering Solutions
  • Eminent in Large-Scale Mixed-Use Marvels: Our adept team specializes in conceptualizing and orchestrating expansive mixed-use developments that harmoniously blend residential, commercial, and leisure spaces into seamless symphonies of urban living, right here in Ocala, Florida.
  • Innovative Planning, Mapping, and GIS Mastery: We’re not just engineers; we’re visionaries who harness cutting-edge technology to offer comprehensive planning, mapping, and Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions. Our data-driven approach empowers diverse projects across Ocala, Florida.
  • Crafting Urban Havens in Residential Subdivisions: Our expertise unfolds in the meticulous crafting of residential subdivisions that redefine comfort and convenience for the residents of Ocala, Florida. These are more than just spaces; they’re sanctuaries of contemporary living.
  • Balancing Earth’s Forces through Grading Excellence: Our skillful engineers excel in optimizing land grading and earthwork balancing, ensuring Ocala’s construction projects embark on solid foundations while keeping the environment in perfect harmony.
  • Water’s Best Friend: Ingenious Water and Wastewater Treatment: We engineer water and wastewater treatment plants in Ocala, Florida, where efficiency meets environmental harmony. Sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s a promise we keep.
  • Flowing Lifeblood: Potable Water Distribution Redefined: Our focus in Ocala lies in designing and implementing foolproof potable water distribution systems. Your homes, businesses, and industries can now access life’s essential fluid with unparalleled ease.
  • Preserving Greenery: The Art of Irrigation Planning: Ocala’s landscapes flourish under our meticulous irrigation system planning, design, and distribution. Lush greenery meets water conservation in a harmonious blend that defines sustainable elegance.
  • Thoughtful Waste Management in Wastewater Collection: Ocala’s hygiene and environment are paramount. With our designed wastewater collection systems, stringent regulations are met, and sustainable disposal is ensured.
  • Redefining Water Usage through Reclaimed Water Systems: Ocala embraces eco-conscious water consumption through our reclaimed water distribution and disposal systems. A sustainable tomorrow starts with our thoughtful engineering today.
  • Shielding Ocala with Stormwater Management: Rain or shine, our stormwater management systems protect Ocala from floods and erosions. Effective drainage solutions resonate with properties and the environment alike.
  • Efficiency in Action: Permitting, Scheduling, Estimating Excellence: Seamlessly navigating through Ocala’s regulatory waters, we handle permitting, scheduling, and estimating with precision. Our dedication ensures your projects in Ocala, Florida, materialize as planned – on time, within budget.


Professional construction administration services include the following:

  • Contractor Bid Packages: We prepare comprehensive bid packages to ensure clear communication between contractors and clients during the bidding process in Ocala, Florida.
  • Construction Contract Documents: Our team creates detailed and legally binding construction contract documents, defining project scope and responsibilities for projects in Ocala, Florida.
  • Quantity Takeoffs and Cost Estimates: Rely on our accurate quantity takeoffs and cost estimates to plan and budget construction projects effectively in Ocala, Florida.
  • Contractor Payment Applications and Change Order Requests Review: We manage contractor payment applications and review change order requests to facilitate smooth transactions in Ocala, Florida.
  • Construction Coordination Meetings: Our experts conduct construction coordination meetings to enhance collaboration and address project progress in Ocala, Florida.
  • Shop Drawings and Submittals Approval: We meticulously review shop drawings and submittals to ensure compliance with project requirements in Ocala, Florida.
  • Construction Site Observations: We conduct regular site observations to monitor construction progress and adherence to quality standards in Ocala, Florida.
  • System Testing Attendance: Our team attends system testing to verify proper functionality and performance in Ocala, Florida.
  • Project Completion Punch Lists: We provide detailed punch lists to ensure all project elements meet quality standards before completion in Ocala, Florida.
  • Record Drawings: We maintain accurate record drawings to document the final condition of completed projects in Ocala, Florida.
  • Review As-Builts and Test Reports: Our experts review as-builts and test reports to validate the successful implementation of design specifications in Ocala, Florida.
  • Final Certifications to Regulatory Agencies: We assist with final certifications to regulatory agencies, ensuring projects comply with applicable regulations in Ocala, Florida.
  • Permit Transfers to O&M Entities: Our team manages permit transfers to operations and maintenance entities for seamless project handover in Ocala, Florida.
  • Construction Cost Certifications for Performance and Maintenance Bonds: We provide accurate construction cost certifications for performance and maintenance bonds in Ocala, Florida.
  • NPDES Permitting: Count on us for efficient NPDES permitting, ensuring projects meet environmental standards in Ocala, Florida.