CFB’s Chris McLaughlin, reflecting on his new term with the Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers as Board Chair

Oct 24, 2023

Our own Chris McLaughlin, PSM is the incoming Board Chair of the Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers. In a recent article he reflected on his upcoming term in the Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers Fall 2023 newsletter. He expresses gratitude for being nominated and highlights his eight years of learning about the profession’s regulations and the industry’s focus on protecting the public. McLaughlin emphasizes the importance of continual learning for professionals and mentions his compliance with laws and rules.

Notably, McLaughlin acknowledges his potential status as the first Gen-X person in this position and the unique title on his college degree, signaling a change in the profession’s terminology over the years. He reflects on disruptive changes in the surveying profession, such as the incorporation of geospatial technologies like drones, robotic total stations, and satellite positioning.

The article discusses the advancements in measurement science and the industry’s embrace of new technologies, making it an exciting time to be a professional surveyor and mapper. McLaughlin also mentions the vacancies on the Board that will arise in October 2024 and encourages interested licensees to apply.

Chris appreciates the professionalism of Board staff, including Executive Director Patricia “Liz” Compton, Government Analyst Regenia Lee, Board Counsel Genevieve Hall, and Department prosecutor Carrie Franz. McLaughlin highlights the accomplishments and challenges during his terms, including statutory and rule revisions, the COVID-19 pandemic, computer-based testing, a streamlined application review process, and a transparent discipline and probation process. Chris aims to make his final year as Board Chair a smooth one, emphasizing that in regulation, no news is good news for everyone.

Congratulations Chris – We are proud to have you on our CFB Surveying team!

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Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers Newsletter.
Fall 2023
Message From The Incoming Board Chair. Chris Mclaughlin, PSM