CFB IS BUILDING A CITY! – Our partnership with The Villages®

Apr 10, 2024

Since 1992, CFB has played a pivotal role in shaping one of the most extraordinary communities in the United States – The Villages® development. A master-planned, 55+ community in central Florida, The Villages® is the largest single-site residential development in the country. 

As the civil engineering and consulting firm for The Villages®, CFB has been instrumental in every facet of its development. For over three decades, CFB has been actively involved in master-planning, design engineering, and continuous expansion of The Villages®, helping shape it into the remarkable community it is today. 

Key details about The Villages® and CFB’s involvement (as of 2023):

  • 145,000 residents
  • Nearly 80,000 platted homesites
  • Developed land spanning 57 square miles.
  • 230 pickleball courts
  • Renowned as the world’s largest and most diverse single-site golf facility, offering more than 5,000 acres of golfing space, including 13 championship golf courses, 41 executive golf courses, with a staggering 800+ golf holes.
  • Recreation amenities span across 118 recreation centers, covering 560 acres
  • Three town centers and two more in development 
  • 7 million square feet of commercial and retail space
  • 20+ shopping/professional plazas
  • 8 primary care centers, 1 specialty care center, 1 regional hospital, and an advanced healthcare facility

CFB’s contributions to The Villages® extend far beyond its residential and recreational areas. With 96.76 square miles of land (developed and undeveloped), encompassing 860 subdivisions and neighborhoods, CFB has been at the forefront of building essential infrastructure to support this burgeoning community.

CFB’s impact on The Villages® is evident in the extensive infrastructure it has helped create. From 700 miles of roadway to 164.06 miles of multimodal transportation paths, 56 operational roundabouts, and 23 Special Purpose Districts, our team has been instrumental in laying the foundations for sustainable growth and development.

Moreover, our efforts extend to utility infrastructure, including 1,200 miles of potable water mains, 580 miles of sanitary sewer mains, and over 11,000 manholes and lift stations. These essential services ensure that The Villages® remains a thriving, livable community for generations to come.

The story of The Villages® is one of collaboration, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. A testament to what’s possible when vision, dedication, and expertise come together to create something truly extraordinary.

As we look to the future, CFB remains committed to supporting the ongoing growth and development of The Villages®. With new projects on the horizon and continued expansion, we are proud to be a part of this remarkable journey.